Games Console On Finance

Where To Buy A Games Console On Finance

Where Can I Purchase a Financing Game Console?

Investing in a gaming console is a definite way to join a new world of interactive enjoyment. However, depending on your financial situation, the cost of a brand new Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or Nintendo Switch is frequently out of reach.

As a result, retailers have been accustomed to providing gaming console customers with a range of various financing alternatives, all of which help to alleviate the monetary restraints that would otherwise stand in the way of your enjoyment.

Console Deals has put together this brief guide to help you understand what’s available to you and which merchants provide what. All of that useful information is available farther down. If you already know which console you want to finance, you should read our console-specific finance guides:

The financing of AO’s console

You have several financing alternatives, including interest-free credit for 12 months, pay nothing for 6 months, and spreading the fee over time. AO’s interest-free credit score for a year is the most popular – and most cost-effective – plan. You have the option of paying for your new game console over 6 months or a full year with no interest. With the typical cost of a new console being £240 (about), this corresponds to a fairly modest monthly expenditure of £20 over a 12-month period. You also don’t have to pay anything up advance, which is a wonderful bonus.

You will have to pay interest on your new video game console purchase if you opt to extend the cost over a long period of time, so try to avoid this if at all possible. AO presently charges 19.9% interest per year, but you can spread the cost of your console across 12, 24, 36, or 48 months. Keep in mind that the longer you wait to pay, the more interest you will have to pay.

AO is already one of the most affordable places for game systems, so consider getting your game system on interest-free credit from this very popular online retailer. Do you still have unsatisfied feelings? AO will even ship your newly purchased Nintendo Switch, PS4 or Xbox One to you for free the next day.

Argos has console financing available

Argos is offering up to a year of interest-free financing on all new video game consoles, but there is a catch: you must also sign up for an Argos Credit Card at the same time. You’ll be able to buy your new gaming console in no time if you already have an Argos Card. If you haven’t already gotten the cardboard, the credit check process, and so on, may take a few minutes.

If you opt to pay for a new video games console from Argos using Argos Credit, bear in mind that if you do not pay off your games console within 12 months of purchase, you will be charged interest at a rate of 29.9 percent APR variable.

Console finance provided by GAME

GAME, the UK’s most popular gaming retailer, has some of the most affordable console bundles on the market. They recently introduced variable pricing choices through a programme known as PayPal credit. This allows you to split the cost of the console across four months with no interest. It’s quick and simple to sign up for, but it, like all credit plans, is subject to credit checks.

If you do not pay for the video game console in full within the first four months, you will be charged interest, which is presently 19.9 percent APR.

Currys PC World has console finance available

Currys PC World makes it simple to finance a Nintendo Switch, PS4 or Xbox One thanks to its very flexible credit score options. It is available on every product.

Currys PC World finance requires no additional deposit and may be paid off early at no extra cost, making it convenient for both online and in-store purchases.

Flexible credit is conditional on you opening an account with Currys PC World, which you will subsequently be able to use on future purchases. And, if you’re wondering how much you’ll wind up spending on flexible credit score in the long term, check out Currys PC World’s online price calculator, which allows you to adjust circumstances.
MusicMagpie has console financing available.

MusicMagpie is a great alternative if you’re seeking for a used reconditioned video game system. It’s another retailer that uses PayPal Credit to enable client financing, but unlike GAME, there are no interest-free options available with your purchase.  All plans have an APR of 19.9 percent.

If you purchase for less than £99, you will have 6 or 12 months to pay back your games console; if you purchase for more than £199 (for example, a PS4 Pro), you can extend the cost time period to 18 or 24 months. Keep in mind that the longer the time period, the more money you want to pay out.

BrightHouse Finance is a provider of console finance

If your only option is to pay for a brand new video gaming console on a weekly basis, BrightHouse may be able to help.

There are three payment plans available: 78 weeks, 104 weeks, and 120 weeks. But it’s pricey – very so!

For instance, at the time of writing, you could buy a PS4 Pro console with FIFA 19 for £6.60 per week for 120 weeks. BrightHouse’s weekly finance alternatives for gaming consoles have an APR of 99.90%. That means you’ll pay a total of £792 over the course of a hundred and twenty weeks, which is more than double the cost of the bundle if purchased outright.

Frequently Asked Financial Questions Concerning the Purchase of a Game Console

Have a burning question regarding how to pay for a video game console? We’ve most likely already addressed it under. Choosing to divulge the amount of your purchase is a big move, and it works best when done with knowledge. We hope that by providing this information, we may dispel any confusion you may have.

Is buying a video game console on credit more expensive?

This is largely depending on the financial strategy you select. It’s easier to think of it this way: the only plan in which you won’t wind up spending more money for your console is one with 0% financing. All others – pay weekly, pay monthly, buy now, pay later – will cost you interest the longer the value remains unpaid. When possible, choose 0% interest and make sure to pay your instalments on schedule.

Can I get a loan to buy a refurbished video game console?

Yes, but only with stores that A) sell refurbished or pre-owned consoles and B) offer their own payment plan. One thing to bear in mind is that many video game financing options have a minimum spend that impacts how long you have to pay it off, and refurbished consoles are usually less expensive. Take this into consideration.

Will buying a video game system on credit have an effect on my credit score?

Yes. Whether you finance your online game console or not will have an effect on your credit score, either positively or negatively. Making payments on time or ahead of schedule is a smart way to build a strong credit score, which is essential if you need to take out a loan, such as a mortgage. The contrary, however, will have a negative impact on your credit score. To summarise, follow the guidelines provided in your financial plan and you’ll be good.

Will I be able to obtain financing despite my poor credit?

Before attempting any form of loan, the merchant offering it to you will need to assess your credit rating, which will be used to decide your eligibility for the finance plan. Those with poor credit are exceedingly unlikely to be accepted, and if they are, it will most likely be on a plan that is not suitable for them.

The information in this post is not intended to be financial advice; always undertake your own research to ensure that it is suitable to your specific circumstances. The content of our advice concentrates on funding options and interest rates rather than the scope of service provided.